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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention based
on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series hosted by Six of One

Launched 07/30/00, updated 02/23/18.

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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Official Convention based on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series

hosted by Six of One -
2018 is the 41st anniversary of our official start on the Sixth of the First 1977

Honorary President Patrick McGoohan (1977 - 2009)

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2018 CONVENTION DATES: 20-22 April. Register at: www.sixofone.co/conventions.html
Join Six of One online at: www.sixofone.co
CONVENTION FRIDAY: Opening and Well Come; Fall Out 50 Years Tribute;
Videos and Live Entertainment; Weekend Announcements and Socialising.
2018 FESTIVAL NUMBER 6 DATES: 6-9 September - festivalnumber6.com
2018 will be Six of One's 7th consecutive year of performing at the Festival.

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Right: The Prisoner Mini Moke HLT 709C Restored by Philip M. Caunt, co-owners Philip M. Caunt and Jeremy Guy
Celebrating the classic TV series "The Prisoner" - glossy magazines and annual conventions in Portmeirion, where the series was filmed, with invited guests from the cast and crew - enrolling over 50,000 members since 1977. Six of One is the official and only "Prisoner" society which enthusiasts can join as members and celebrated its 40th anniversary on 6th January, 2017. Patrick McGoohan was the society Honorary President from 1977 until his passing in 2009. His daughter Catherine McGoohan was our special guest at PortmeiriCon 2014. The society also participates annually at Festival Number 6. Also see the festival Facebook page.

Society membership equiries: membership.6of1@btinternet.com             Magazine communications: orange-alert@hotmail.com
General society enquiries/responses: sixofone.pr@btinternet.com               US contact: prisonerappreciationsociety@gmail.com
Convention enquiries/registration: pris.convention@btinternet.com        Convention accommodation: YVCNumber18@gmail.com 

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New - 2017 revised and updated Patrick McGoohan biography, with new foreword and contributions by Catherine McGoohan, plus new photos.
It is now 10 years since the 2007 first edition, and the new book covers the period after that, the actor's passing in 2009 and the years up to the present time, his legacy.
The contents are up to August 2017, in time for the 50th anniversary of the first screening of "The Prisoner" in Canada on 5th September, 1967 and the British one on 29th September.
The book cover has the same dimensions as the out of print first edition.

Available now from Escape Books.

Six of One's annual Prisoner event was enjoyed once more in Portmeirion, from 31st March to 2nd April, 2017, with special guest Christopher Benjamin (photos 7 and 18). Images 1 to 11 below are by Marc Christiansen and photo 12 is by Ian French, followed by six images from Michael Kimpel - thanks to everyone for providing these photos.

The society held its 2017 36th annual Convention once again in the renowned setting of Portmeirion Hotel, in North Wales. Registered members can attend all indoor and outdoor events in the many acres of grounds. The hotel village of Portmeirion is block booked by Six of One, so that members can stay at the resort during the convention weekend. Portmeirion's shops, bars and dining facilities are also open.

Special guest celebrities attend and stay over the weekend. The location was used for the filming of the cult 1967 British television series "The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan. Visitors to Portmeirion over the Convention weekend can watch outdoor activities, but not attend indoor events.

To join "Six of One", see the link at the top of this page. With the backing of Granada Ventures/ITV, owners of the series, and Portmeirion, who operate their famous "Prisoner Shop", Six of One recreates the ominous "Village". From here, in the 17 TV episodes, the prisoner 'No. 6' tried each week to escape. Open buggies, giant white 'guardian' balloons, penny farthing bicycles and strange characters made up the fantasy Village. Join in the proceedings - from carnival atmosphere, to serious debate; from enactments, to screen presentations; from games like "Human Chess", on a large lawn board, to celebrity guests. The series' unforgettable catchphrase is: "Be Seeing You!" More 2017 photos are at www.sixofone-escape.co.uk
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